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Believe it or not, it all started with crabs …

Though we started our tour company in 2012, our story began generations before – in an era where fishing was our family’s main source of life, income, and food.

Guided by our boat named ‘Huki’ — which in Hawaiian means “to pull” — our grandfather was a crab fisherman and his crab traps were the reason sharks had been attracted to these waters. Sharks would hear Huki’s motor pull up and they would swim to the surface. In a time which Jaws was a popular movie that sent the world into panic when it came to sharks, our grandfather would take friends on his boat to view them from the surface. Swimming with them was absolutely out of the question for the common person.

Coming from a family of divers and lifeguards, our founder and crew were accustomed to swimming with all sorts of pelagic creatures, sharks included. It wasn’t until we started our coastal tour first, that we realized we could create a controlled environment for visitors to experience the magic of swimming cage-free with these animals. Our goal and priority is safety first, then sharing our family tradition with you.

We are from Hale’iwa, rooted here, and true to this lifestyle. Our ancestors pioneered the Shark Tour industry in Hawai’i to teach respect for our culture, the ocean, and its inhabitants. Here at Islandview Hawai’i, we continue to share and receive knowledge in order to perpetuate our ocean lifestyle for future generations.

Come aboard with the only Hawaiian crew and let us share our family tradition with you!

vintage photos of haleiwa harbor